preventive maintenance

Setup an inspection schedule to collect the data needed to maintain the efficiency of your equipment.

Our portfolio of projects is second to none

Every alignment job is different, each having its unique challenges. The collective experience of our technicians paired with our industry leading laser systems guarantee that we are equipped to meet all precision alignment needs, in all industries. Some of the areas we commonly address are;

Roll Alignment, Shaft Alignment, Bore/Extruder Alignment, Straightness - Flatness - Squarness Measurements, Custom Machinery, CNC Calibration, Linear Scale Calibration, Automation Lines, Linear Rail Installation, Equipment Repeatability, and Equipment Installation / Relocation.

MACHINERY MANUFACTURES - HAVE ARROW PRECISION REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY     Looking for a trusted laser alignment service contractor to work on your behalf? Arrow Precision works alongside many process equipment manufactures to perform precision alignment during installation. This process/partnership between equipment manufactures and Arrow Precision has proven to be beneficial to all parties involved, often eliminating many issues before they arise. Thus, avoiding costly start-up delays due to equipment misalignment. We at Arrow Precision always provide quality work and represent our clients with the highest level of professionalism.


Big issues can come from small errors. Problems with the efficiency of your machinery? Have an alignment assessment done by Arrow Precision.

plastics experts

We specialize in the full precision alignment of blown film lines including; roll alignment, extruder alignment, and complex haul-off setup.

Arrow Precision Inc  -  Laser Alignment Services  -  Peterborough Ontario, Canada

CNC Calibration

Extensive experience in CNC machinery installation and calibration.